Week Before Your Wedding

Clewell Photography
There are a few very important to-dos the week before your Minneapolis wedding day!

1. Confirm your wedding-day beauty appointments, as well as, get a manicure a couple days before.

2. Pick up the suits and dresses. It is also suggested to do one last fitting in the store, as it will give you time for any last minute alterations.

3. Practice walking and dancing in your wedding shoes.

4. Share the wedding-day schedule, any special task, and contact information with your parents and the wedding party. A document with call-times for everyone playing a role in your day will help everything stay on schedule.

5. Place final payments into separate envelopes for each vendor. Give them to a trusted friend of family member to distribute on your wedding day.

6. Make sure your photographer has your shot list, DJ has your song list, and that your venue knows when each vendor will be arriving to set up.

7. Provide drivers with a schedule and list of names, phone numbers, and addresses for pickup and drop off.

8. Call and re-confirm last details with each of your vendors including date, time, and location. Don’t forget to provide them with contact info for their point person (other than yourself) on the day-of.

9. Call guests who have missed the RSVP deadline. You’ll need the final headcount for your venue and caterer.

10. Prepare anything that requires a speech now, such as vows or a toast.

11. Shop and pack for your wedding night and honeymoon.

12. Put together a wedding-day emergency kit that includes fashion tape, oil blot sheets, safety pins, tissues, band-aids, lipstick, mints, and a needle with thread that matches your dress.

Photo by Clewell Photography