Wedding Hair, Makeup & Nail Trends

Hair Trends:
Big glamour, sexy vintage, and au’natural are on point now.
Big Glamour: Think big ballerina buns (high buns on top of head), chignons, and accessories (jewels and sparkling pieces). Braids and twists are still really popular too!
Sexy Vintage: From a finger waves through your bangs to a full head of pincurls, retro is in!
Au’natural: Think soft and bouncy. Brides are wearing their hair down and simply styled more and more these days. Adding traditional wedding accessories to your hair if it is down and simple can up the elegance for the special occasion.

Makeup Trends:
The hair usually influences bridal makeup. If you are doing big glamour you will usually want lots of lashes with soft highlighted shadow or a dramatic smoky eye. If you are going vintage, a red lip and lots of lashes and liner is a good choice. Natural brides just want to look like themselves; they typically choose dewy, glowing skin with a natural lip and eye. As far as trends, this season is all about the color tangerine (looks great on lips and cheeks) and bright, nearly neon colors. Think of the colors from the 80′s but updated and much easier to wear in a colorful liner or accent on the eye.

Nail Trends:
In general, nails are all about the bright, blinged, and patterned right now. Although, most brides still go for classic these days, because you don’t want your trendy nails distracting from your ring! French manicures are still popular, but a little dated, and most brides will typically go for a barely there pink or cream. However, essie has a great 2012 bridal collection that has a reflective pink, a mint green, a slightly glittery white, and a beautiful lilac. These are all pastel and beautiful for a touch of trend but keeping it classy!

Photos by Clewell Photography

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