Wedding Day Must Haves

There are going to be a number of things you will never think of until that very day. 
Have no fear because this list is here to give you 10 must haves for your wedding day.

Wedding Day

  1. Photography Shot List – Provide your photographer with your must haves in advance. Write down the names of the people you will want photos with. Are you wearing your Grandmother’s barrette, let the photographer know to highlight that in a few photos.
  2. Time alone with the Groom – Share excitement of the day together without distractions for a few minutes.
  3. Assign Someone As Point Person - You do not want to be the contact for all vendors and family on the day of. Enlist a friend, family member or wedding day-of coordinator for all those last minutes questions that pop up.
  4. Comfortable Shoes – Ones you can wear all day or ones you can change into after the ceremony. If you must wear high high heels at least consider some nice shoe inserts.
  5. Time with your Guests – Try and take time right after the ceremony to chat with your guests. You may not be able to after the food is served and dancing begins or older relatives head out.
  6. Do Eat Lunch and Drink Water – You will need energy to make it through the long day.
  7. Make Speeches Early – Make your speeches and cakes cutting early so that all guests will still be there, as well as, the photographer in case things get pushed back.
  8. Vow Duty – Put someone in charge of hanging onto your vows. Also have a backup.
  9. Oil Blotting Sheets – You will probably be wearing more makeup than usual and it may make your face shinier throughout the day. You won’t be mad you have them.
  10. Honeymoon Bag – If you are leaving the next day it is best to be all packed up. Make sure you have a carry on with essential just in case your luggage is delayed.

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Photo by Clewell Photography