Unexpected Wedding Expenses

Erin Johnson Photography - Invitations

Pre-Wedding Party Attire

This could be one of the biggest often overlooked expenses! You will need attire for bridal shower, rehearsal dinner maybe even bachelorette party or day-after brunch. Personally I wore  a few dresses stuck in the back of my closet that had been bought in case of special occasions that had never been worn!

Marriage License

This typically isn’t too expensive. Most cost between $35 and $100.


This expense will always be more then you think. My simple gown still needed $80 worth of alterations.

Makeup and Hair Trials:

This is a must and indeed an extra cost! My hair trail went great and I was able to give her an idea of a few slight changes for the big day. The makeup trail proved to be too over the top for me and I decided to do my own makeup.

Postage + Envelopes:

Not only do you need stamps on the invitations you must not forget to add a stamp to each RSVP card as well. Extra envelopes are required for the occasional misspelling or smudge.

Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party is another one of those expenses that can be as big or small as you choose to make it. This is also if you don’t want the maid of honor or bridesmaids responsible for the full tab.

Meals on the Wedding Day

Whether you’re getting ready at home, the church or in a hotel, your bridesmaids and parents will likely be there too. Plan a simple lunch or a local place that can deliver to your location.

Church Fees:

Many churches do not charge a set fee, but do appreciate a donation.

Cake Cutting:

Many caterers and venues charge an additional fee to cut and serve the cake to your guests. Do not be surprised.

Dry Cleaning:

Outdoor photos or dancing the night away can take a toll on your dress. Having your gown cleaned and preserved post-wedding is more involved than standard dry cleaning so the cost is higher as well.

Photo by: Erin Johnson Photography