Skip These Wedding Expenses

At times it is hard not to want to make every single detail of your wedding perfect. You must keep in mind there are many items that guests will not really notice or remember afterwards. Here a few items to skip or cut back on for your future nuptials.

Wedding guests will most likely not be overwhelmed by your china pattern or glasses. It will be even less noticeable in dim lighting with food covering their plates.

Expensive Table Linens
The table like the plates will be covered. The tables with complete table settings, glassware and centerpieces. Making the linens even less noticeable. Consider the centerpieces to be more of the focal point of the table.

Out Of Season Flowers
Your florist can always give you a number of options for flowers currently in season that match your taste and colors. Listen to them.

Full Premium Bar
You don’t have to serve top shelf everything! Feel free to upgrade on a few spirits that you know your guests will appreciate the finer stuff.

People already have a lot of knickknacks, and won’t care much about having a monogrammed glass or votive that you so thoughtfully picked out. What would you do with something with someone else’s photo or initials on it?

Photos by Clewell Photography