Perfect Posing

Seeing your significant other before the ceremony used to be a wedding faux pas. But these days, many couples are breaking tradition and taking wedding photos before saying “I do”. Here’s why we love this trend:

  1. First Look. There’s no better way to capture the emotion between a bride and groom upon first seeing each other than when that moment is shared between the couple, instead of with all their guests.
  2. Entertaining Guests. Taking your photos beforehand can reduce downtime between the ceremony and reception.
  3. Fresh Photos. If you take your photos earlier in the day, your hair and makeup will likely look its best without having to worry about touch-ups.
  4. Less Stress. Planning your shots is easier when you don’t have to worry about seeing each other before the ceremony, or rounding up friends and family after it’s over. You can take all of your portraits before the ceremony starts when everyone is together, excited, and on their best behavior.

Photographs by Clewell Photography