Headpieces and Veils

More brides are choosing to wear veils, headpieces or flowers in their hair. The shape of the wedding gown can help to guide which hairstyle will be most complimentary. Fitted gowns tend to call for elegant and smooth hairstyles. Flowing long gowns are better suited for softer styles. Fabrics also can determine the right wedding hairstyle. Light fabrics will complement wispy curls and textured hair. For example, a chiffon wedding dress is so beautiful when the bride wears a looser style. In contrast, structured barrel curls or smooth hair will balance heavy fabrics.

• Princess Ball gowns look best with a bigger and higher up do
• Heavily decorated & beaded gowns look best with curls & randomness
• Vintage gowns look best with finger waves & bigger curls
• Halter top gowns will look best with the hair up & off the shoulders

One of the best ways to find inspiration for your wedding hairstyle is to see how other brides wear their hair. Look through these Minneapolis Bride’s wedding hair photos and find a look that will match your gown and overall wedding style!

Photos by Clewell Photography
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