Bridal Emergency Kit


The emergency kit is literally a necessity when it comes to a wedding; it’s not only for the wedding party. Honestly it is really for everyone at the wedding. When you have hundreds of guests, at any given time someone might need some aspirin or tums. You can avoid disaster with a well-stocked emergency kit.

Let’s start with what should be in a bridal emergency kit. This is one wedding accessory that no bride should be without. A carefully packed kit includes basic everyday items as well as wedding-specific items, be a lifesaver for you and your guests. The kit should be made to match your wedding colors and theme. For example, if you are getting married on the beach, a beachy bag and some flip-flops would be nice! The Emergency kit should contain essential beauty supplies, just in case there is an uh-oh moment!

♥ Aspirin etc.

♥ Baby powder

♥ Bobby pins

♥ Bottled water

♥ Breath mints

♥ Camera and Charger

♥ Cell phone and Charger

♥ Chap stick

♥ Clear bandages or liquid bandage

♥ Comb

♥ Corsage pins

♥ Energy bars, or other snacks

♥ Deodorant

♥ Double stick tape

♥ Duct tape (one roll of regular and one roll of white)

♥ Extra stockings (Panty Hose)

♥ Facial tissue or handkerchief

♥ Fabric cleaner

♥ Glue

♥ Hair ties

♥ Hairspray

♥ Lint roller

♥ Lotion

♥ Make-up and extra make-up (just in case)

♥ Money

♥ Mouthwash

♥ Nail glue

♥ Nail polish

♥ Peroxide

♥ Rubber bands

♥ Safety pins

♥ Sanitary napkins/tampons

♥ Scissors

♥ Scotch Tape

♥ Sewing kit (white, black thread, and color-coordinated thread)

♥ Spot remover

♥ Static cling spray

♥ Toothbrush and toothpaste

♥ Tweezers

♥ White chalk (concealing dirt smudges)

♥ White towels (stain removal, blotting)


Photo by Clewell Photography