2015 Wedding Stats

Minneapolis Wedding Stats

A couple interesting 2015 Wedding Stats have just been released. I thought it would be fun to share, as you can see how closely your engagement and wedding stack up! Some fun findings from the year’s report include: Average number of wedding guests: 120 Average spend on engagement ring: $4,758 Average wedding ceremony/reception cost: $28,958 or $250 per guest Average spend on honeymoon: $3,882 […]

Unexpected Wedding Expenses

Erin Johnson Photography - Invitations

Pre-Wedding Party Attire This could be one of the biggest often overlooked expenses! You will need attire for bridal shower, rehearsal dinner maybe even bachelorette party or day-after brunch. Personally I wore  a few dresses stuck in the back of my closet that had been bought in case of special occasions that had never been […]

Rustic Chic Barn Wedding

Barn Wedding Ceremony

A beautiful Minneapolis area wedding held in a barn venue full of rustic decor inspiration!  Photos by Clewell Photography

Grooms Wedding Timeline

9-12 months out – Decide on wedding month – Start on wedding guest list – Discuss the budget – Choose a best man and groomsmen – Book the venue 6-9 months out – Choose exact wedding date – Register for wedding gifts – Start planning the honeymoon – Purchase wedding bands – A more hands […]

Post Wedding Checklist

Change Your Name (If You Choose) You should change all your IDs within 90 days. 1. Driver’s license – Might need to bring a copy of your marriage certificate to the DMV. 2. Passport – Go to Travel.State.gov for more info. You’ll need to send in a current passport, a photocopy of your marriage certificate, and […]

Skip These Wedding Expenses

At times it is hard not to want to make every single detail of your wedding perfect. You must keep in mind there are many items that guests will not really notice or remember afterwards. Here a few items to skip or cut back on for your future nuptials. China Wedding guests will most likely […]

Wedding Day Must Haves

Wedding Day

There are going to be a number of things you will never think of until that very day.  Have no fear because this list is here to give you 10 must haves for your wedding day. Photography Shot List – Provide your photographer with your must haves in advance. Write down the names of the people […]

Week Before Your Wedding

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There are a few very important to-dos the week before your Minneapolis wedding day! 1. Confirm your wedding-day beauty appointments, as well as, get a manicure a couple days before. 2. Pick up the suits and dresses. It is also suggested to do one last fitting in the store, as it will give you time for […]

2015 Minneapolis Wedding Trends

Erin Johnson Photography

DÉCOR Texture Fabrics: Think of fabrics like tulle, lace, and other textured fabrics. Burlap will remain popular, as will vintage looking fabrics. This textured look of ruffles can move from décor and tables to the cakes frosting. FLOWERS Suspended Flowers:  You will see garlands and moss draping across reception venue ceilings. Also, if there is […]

Wedding Couples Best Friend

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You want to invite best friends to your special day. Here are some super cute couples that also wanted to include their furry best friend in their Minneapolis wedding or engagement photos. Photos by Erin Johnson Photography