2015 Wedding Stats

A couple interesting 2015 Wedding Stats have just been released. I thought it would be fun to share, as you can see how closely your engagement and wedding stack up!
Minneapolis Wedding StatsSome fun findings from the year’s report include:

  • Average number of wedding guests: 120
  • Average spend on engagement ring: $4,758
  • Average wedding ceremony/reception cost: $28,958 or $250 per guest
  • Average spend on honeymoon: $3,882

The most popular days to get engaged:

o   Christmas Day
o   Valentine’s Day
o   Christmas Eve
o   New Year’s Day
Average engagement period length: 13 months

The most popular months to get married:

o   June
o   May
o   September
o   October
o   August
o   July

Planning time spent online: 80%

Online resources used for planning:

o   66% use a checklist
o   59% created a wedding website
o   40% created a wedding hashtag

Most important factors for couples deciding to contact a vendor:

o   Price
o   Reviews
o   Availability
o   Location

Average spend by vendor category:

o   Venue: $8,798
o   Catering: $6,877
o   Band: $3,848
o   Photography: $2,435
o   Rehearsal Dinner: $1,935

 Wedding Trends

  • Decor: metallic hues of gold and copper, floral arrangements with lots of greenery (particularly eucalyptus,) “love” signage in lights or flowers hanging in unexpected places
  • Fashion: low necklines and backs, sheer paneling, grooms in cobalt/midnight blue suits
  • Catering: hometown cuisine
  • Dessert: cakes with textured white buttercream over fondant, donuts
  • Entertainment: photo/GIF booths, first dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” (the 2016 Grammy Song of the Year)

Above Stats via – weddingwire.com

Photo by Erin Johnson Photography